What Is Natural Language Understanding NLU?

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A straightforward but nonetheless revolutionary application of NLU is the improvement of customer service operations. NLU-powered chatbots can offer immediate and seamless customer reports at any time of day and in multiple languages. This allows companies to cater to customer needs regardless of their mother tongue, geographic location, or time zone. A language model is used instead of a set of static rules to teach NLU engines how to recognize and make sense of human speech.

  • Depending on your business, you may need to process data in a number of languages.
  • False patient reviews can hurt both businesses and those seeking treatment.
  • Request a demo and begin your natural language understanding journey in AI.
  • Learn how natural language understanding can transform your customer experience analysis.
  • This enables machines to produce more accurate and appropriate responses during interactions.
  • The system has to understand content, sentiment, purpose to understand the human language.

These 10 roles, with different responsibilities, are commonly a part of the data management teams that organizations rely on to … Expect more organizations to optimize data usage to drive decision intelligence and operations in 2023, as the new year will be … Understanding the key difference between NLU and NLP will empower your software development journey. A key difference is that NLU focuses on the meaning of the text and NLP focuses more on the structure of the text. And also the intents and entity change based on the previous chats check out below.

Text Analysis with Machine Learning

In addition to an easy-to-use BI platform, keys to developing a successful data culture driven by business analysts include a … The analytics vendor and open source tool have already developed integrations that combine self-service BI and semantic modeling,… Company used NLU, it could ask customers to enter their shipping and billing information verbally. The software would understand what the customer meant and enter the information automatically.

What is the difference between ML and NLP?

Machine learning is primarily concerned with accuracy and pattern recognition. NLP is concerned with computer-human language interactions, specifically how to program computers to process, and analyze large amounts of natural language data.

Natural language processing starts with a library, a pre-programmed set of algorithms that plug into a system using an API, or application programming interface. Basically, the library gives a computer or system a set of rules and definitions for natural language as a foundation. Automate data capture to improve lead qualification, support escalations, and find new business opportunities. For example, ask customers questions and capture their answers using Access Service Requests to fill out forms and qualify leads. In addition, organizations frequently need specialized methodologies and tools to extract relevant information from data before they can benefit from NLP. Last, NLP necessitates sophisticated computers if businesses use it to handle and preserve data sets from many data sources.

What capabilities should your NLU technology have?

Natural language processing works by taking unstructured data and converting it into a structured data format. It does this through the identification of named entities and identification of word patterns, using methods like tokenization, stemming, and lemmatization, which examine the root forms of words. For example, the suffix -ed on a word, like called, indicates past tense, but it has the same base infinitive as the present tense verb calling. NLU is branch of natural language processing , which helps computers understand and interpret human language by breaking down the elemental pieces of speech. While speech recognition captures spoken language in real-time, transcribes it, and returns text, NLU goes beyond recognition to determine a user’s intent.

  • This demonstrates how data scientists may use NLU to classify text and conduct insightful analysis across various content forms.
  • This means that with the power of NLU, data scientists can categorize text and meaningfully analyze different formats of content.
  • For example, Wayne Ratliff originally developed the Vulcan program with an English-like syntax to mimic the English speaking computer in Star Trek.
  • This is because most models developed aren’t meant to answer semantic questions but rather predict user intent or classify documents into various categories .
  • Open source NLP for any spoken language, any domain Rasa Open Source provides natural language processing that’s trained entirely on your data.
  • For example, the suffix -ed on a word, like called, indicates past tense, but it has the same base infinitive as the present tense verb calling.

You’re the one creating content for Bloomberg, or CNN Money, or even a brokerage firm. You’ve done your content marketing research and determined that daily reports on the stock market’s performance could increase traffic to your site. You may then ask about specific stocks you own, and the process starts all over again. The program breaks language down into digestible bits that are easier to understand. Turn nested phone trees into simple “what can I help you with” voice prompts. Deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences, so whenever a client walks into a branch, uses your app, or speaks to a representative, you know you’re building a relationship that will last.


If you answered “yes,” you, sir, surely possess some knowledge in natural language processing or tiny know-how of what we fondly abbreviate as NLP. Depending on your business, you may need to process data in a number of languages. Having support for many languages other than English will help you be more effective at meeting customer expectations.


Here the user intention is playing cricket but however, there are many possibilities that should be taken into account. It is quite common to confuse specific terms in this fast-moving field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The above is the same case where the three words are interchanged as pleased. Difference between NLP, NLU, NLG and the possible things which can be achieved when implementing an NLP engine for chatbots. All these sentences have the same underlying question, which is to enquire about today’s weather forecast. In this context, another term which is often used as a synonym is Natural Language Understanding .


The difference between NLP and NLU is that natural language understanding goes beyond converting text to its semantic parts and interprets the significance of what the user has said. Rasa Open Source provides open source natural language processing to turn messages from your users into intents and entities that chatbots understand. Based on lower-level machine learning libraries like Tensorflow and spaCy, Rasa Open Source provides natural language processing software that’s approachable and as customizable as you need. Get up and running fast with easy to use default configurations, or swap out custom components and fine-tune hyperparameters to get the best possible performance for your dataset. Data scientists rely on natural language understanding technologies like speech recognition and chatbots to extract information from raw data.

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Natural Language Understanding is a subset area of research and development that relies on foundational elements from Natural Language Processing systems, which map out linguistic elements and structures. Natural Language Processing focuses on the creation of systems to understand human language, whereas Natural Language Understanding seeks to establish comprehension. By default, virtual assistants tell you the weather for your current location, unless you specify a particular city. The goal of question answering is to give the user response in their natural language, rather than a list of text answers. You can type text or upload whole documents and receive translations in dozens of languages using machine translation tools. Google Translate even includes optical character recognition software, which allows machines to extract text from images, read and translate it.

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Ideally, your NLU solution should be able to create a highly developed interdependent network of data and responses, allowing insights to automatically trigger actions. Your NLU solution should be simple to use for all your staff no matter their technological Difference Between NLU And NLP ability, and should be able to integrate with other software you might be using for project management and execution. Drive loyalty and revenue with world-class experiences at every step, with world-class brand, customer, employee, and product experiences.

Difference Between NLU And NLP

The software eliminates the need for a human agent to be present during most of the communication. Moreover, NLU can be deployed through various communication channels like SMS, Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp, giving users the chance to receive NLU-powered services via the application of their choice. Research shows that more than two thirds of American consumers are still reluctant to do business with impersonal software. Over 80% of the top-performing companies report that the improvement of the digital human experience is a major priority . There can be no be-all end-all rule-based solution to natural language because every person creates the meaning of their own phrases.

Difference Between NLU And NLP

Once data scientists use speech recognition to turn spoken words into written words, NLU parses out the understandable meaning from text regardless of whether that text includes mistakes and mispronunciation. Also referred to as robotized interpretation, machine translation lets AI translate a body of text into multiple languages without human intervention. Some applications contain basic, rule-based MT capabilities, where atomic words are replaced by their counterparts in another language. However, NLU provides the framework to leverage neural machine translation , which simulates the human brain to translate data based on statistical models. Natural language understanding is the process of deciphering written and spoken language, while natural language generation produces new languages using automated means.

Difference Between NLU And NLP

Natural language understanding is a smaller part of natural language processing. Once the language has been broken down, it’s time for the program to understand, find meaning, and even perform sentiment analysis. Neural networks figure prominently in NLP systems and are used in text classification, question answering, sentiment analysis, and other areas. Processing big data involved with understanding the spoken language is comparatively easier and the nets can be trained to deal with uncertainty, without explicit programming.

Difference Between NLU And NLP

Yes, that’s almost tautological, but it’s worth stating, because while the architecture of NLU is complex, and the results can be magical, the underlying goal of NLU is very clear. This component helps to explain the meaning behind the NL, whether it is written text or in speech format. We can analyze English, French, Spanish, Hindi, or any other human language.

This unlocks the ability to model complex transactional conversation flows, like booking a flight or hotel, or transferring money between accounts. Entity roles and groups make it possible to distinguish whether a city is the origin or destination, or whether an account is savings or checking. Regardless of the approach used, most natural-language-understanding systems share some common components. The system needs a lexicon of the language and a parser and grammar rules to break sentences into an internal representation.

What is an NLU engine?

Also known as Natural Language Interpretation, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is a data science competency that allows artificial intelligence to understand human communication.

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