60 Recovery and Addiction Quotes to inspire Sobriety

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Scott Fitzgerald wrote about how the decadence of the 20s hid some dark secrets, and his own well-documented struggles with alcohol took over his life until his slow death from alcoholism. If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties surrounding alcoholism, addiction, or mental illness, please reach out and ask for help. People everywhere can and want to help; you just have to know where to look. And continue to look until you find what works for you. Click here for a list of regional and national resources. When things feel overwhelming and you think you just can’t do it, look back and see what you have already overcome.

  • Take that first step on the road to recovery and make better choices, every day.
  • For a long time, a lot of people drank because they hated themselves.
  • Even if you have failed previously, relapsed, or are in a difficult crisis, we stand ready to support you.
  • It isn’t just those who struggle with substance abuse; their family members, friends, and other loved ones are impacted, too.
  • Well, I will not lie to you, quotes may be or maybe not be helpful depending on an individual.
  • This statistic can be used to highlight the importance of evidence-based therapies in addiction treatment.

I don’t really consider myself “in recovery,” but I definitely relate to this quote. I was drinking whole bottles by myself, which is concerning considering I’m a 5’2” petite gal. While I don’t think sobriety is all roses and rainbows all the time, there have been plenty of moments where it has felt like heaven. I think this quote from Anne Lamott is kinda funny. I feel like people believe that drinking brings so much happiness and fun to their lives, when in my experience, it’s been the opposite.

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Motivation can drive you away from the chaos and destruction of addiction, steering us into clean and sober lives. Use these Recovery and Addiction Quotes to inspire Sobriety and find motivation through your journey. In a world with many resources we can use to feel better, this list is for people sobriety sayings who feel that reading sobriety quotes will help them stay sober. They may suffer from mental illness or personal issues that cause them to numb the pain with drugs and alcohol. Addressing the source of the pain can make someone feel so much better that they don’t need drugs or alcohol anymore.

  • Having support is key to staying sober, as many of our favorite celebrities have made clear.
  • Happiness is different than fun and while alcohol can help you have fun in the moment, it doesn’t lead to long-term happiness and joy.
  • “Sex and the City” star Kristin Davis, who identifies as a recovering alcoholic, has been sober for 30 years (via The Week).
  • Contact us to learn more about how our staff can help you take control of your life.

Is it okay to congratulate someone on their recovery? Reaching a sobriety milestone is an important and worthwhile accomplishment, no matter how big. As a friend or loved one of someone in recovery, your congratulations will likely be well-accepted, especially if you consider how you express it carefully. “Most addicts have many bottoms,” Shepherd explained during a 2019 interview with “Off Camera with Sam Jones,” via Best Life.

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At Recoverlution we celebrate recovery in many different ways. Here are some of our favourite addiction recovery quotes of all time. Taking steps to change your relationship with alcohol is something to be incredibly proud of. And while the benefits of sobriety are plentiful, it’s normal to experience challenges and setbacks along the way.

Quotes of Sobriety

This statistic can be used to provide hope and motivation to those in early recovery. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid commonly prescribed to treat severe pain, particularly https://ecosoberhouse.com/ in individuals with tolerance to other pain medications. Unfortunately, fentanyl can also be highly addictive and carries a significant risk of overdose, which can be fatal.

Quotes inspiring Sobriety

Self-love is not a feature of alcohol and drug abuse. Part of the real work in sobriety is learning to love ourselves. We need to transcend the negative consequences of our substance abuse and learn how to shape a better person. Motivational quotes are one of the greatest ways of inspiring us to continue the fight against the disease of addiction. A glance at a well-phrased truth can propel us forward after keeping us from falling.

These succinct, straightforward morsels of wisdom can help us find clarity in confusion and brightness in the darkness. These ancient proverbs cover everything, from finding direction in life to maintaining sobriety to achieving inner peace. Choosing recovery close to home means your support system is just a few miles away. Tell me this is not exactly how you’ve felt waking up from a hangover before!

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